It seems our classroom days of listening to lectures about the Gestalt Principles have embedded themselves in the back of our brains and we continually find ourselves using these concepts in our everyday design. There are 5 principles to this theory, which are: Figure/Ground, Similarity, Continuation, Proximity, and Closure, and they allow your brain to visually perceive order. So where exactly are we going with this…we’ll get to that.

Whitenect Engineering Inc. is an engineering company that wanted a logo conceptualized out of the initials WE, to not only represent the initials in the company’s name but to convey that in order for a company to be truly successful, teamwork is key to success (after all there’s no “I” in team, right). The final logo design can be described as a circle with a continuous line throughout used to create a “W and an E” resulting in 3 individual elements. The logo uses the gestalt principle “closure.” Basically, our brain sees a partially enclosed figure (an image that does not actually exist before our eyes) and completes it by looking for a recognizable pattern. While the design is strong as a black and white, we (along with our client) wanted some colour. Originally our client was geared towards typical colours you’d see in engineering logos, bold blues and reds with black. These colours were taken into consideration but with the logo being broken into three individual pieces we thought we would play with 3 colours that harmonized well together. The outcome was a brilliant suggestion from our client, which was to have the colours to relate to the land development, so with that it was settled. A mid-tone grey to represent the concrete, a vibrant green for grass, and a vivid blue for the water. Working closely with clients produces the best type of work as it allows ideas and concepts to be bounced back and forth, resulting in a truly unique design.

The business cards were printed on a 20PT Silk Matte Laminate with .025” rounded corners in two versions, a light and a dark version.