A few years ago in Hawaii of all places, our brother bought a “Cat in the Hat” print that he knew he would one day place above his daughters crib. It was this print that later spawned our Halloween costumes, Thing 1 and Thing 2. After all, if anyone should portray these “lovable” characters it should probably be twins. This was the first year we didn’t leave our costumes to the last minute, instead we carefully shopped around for a red onsie, but opted for something a little more our style and found some matching red body suits at American Apparel. Our next step was to get the logo silk screened onto our tops where the outcome was above and beyond the quality we were expecting. The trait that defines our costume is of course the blue hair… and while the blue afro in the corner of the store was screaming “Pick me, Pick me,” again we wanted to opt for something we would feel comfortable in, so we turned to a dark blue bob and a light blue wig with more length. After a close toss up we chose the lighter blue wigs that we kindly got a deal on for buying the two together, oh the benefits of twin shopping. Our costumes were near complete, we just needed to make our own tutus from tutorials we found on Pinterest. The whole process was fairly simply, tying tulle around an elastic waistband… and repeating this step over and over again. We primarily used red tulle we bought at Fanny’s Fabrics and mixing in blue tulle as a nice accent colour.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a little baking, so with our theme in mind, we made some coconut cupcakes in red cupcake liners with a buttercream frosting (of course dyed blue). With some red chocolate moulding wafers, we created “1’s” and “2’s” which we placed on top of the cupcake for the finishing touch. While it may not have been a scary Halloween costume, we had so much fun with it. Our brother ended up going as the “Cat in that Hat,” thus concluding another successful year of tricks and treats.