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Baby C

The best thing about our line of work is that no day is ever the same, we get to meet and discover the people who make Edmonton so special to us. This weekend was no different as we headed downtown to the Ice District to capture some behind the scenes photos and portraits of hip hop artist Baby C on her upcoming song, “Nothing Like Me." With a couple of [...]

Two Sides to Every Cake

The Duchess Bake Shop is a delicious bakery located in downtown Edmonton, and it wasn’t until recently we discovered they offer several baking classes throughout the year. You can learn from the bakers themselves on how to make anything they sell in their bakery, from macaroons, puffed pastries, cakes, and their seasonal favourites. We looked at all the clas[...]

Never Felt Board...Not Once

Letter boards, also known as felt boards are becoming more popular than ever as a customizable way to express ones self through quotes, milestones, or just about anything you want to say visually. These boards are beautiful and accent any home decor... however they can come with a heavy price tag as you can see on Letterfolk. A board similar to the one we ha[...]

Fit For Royalty

European Royalty was the inspiration behind this family's ten year wedding anniversary as we headed over to the Government House for its strong historic architectural characteristics. The thought and detail that this family put into this shoot was inspiring. Months were spent executing the perfect hair style, creating floral head bands, and finding the perfe[...]

House of Sew

On a road trip back home with our closest girlfriends we started discussing about new skills we would like to accomplish in the year 2017.  So when our birthday came and passed, one of our gifts to each other was a box filled with fabrics, thread, zippers, and a card. The card was to a dress making course offered at the House of Sew with the very talented Be[...]

Out of This World Cute

For starters… this has to be the most beautiful nursery we have ever seen. From the accent wood wall, neutral colour palette and baby animal frames, we were in awe to say the least. One of our favourite thing about photographing newborns is observing and capturing genuine moments as a new family. Watching how natural these adorable first time parents were w[...]

Sugar Thumb Fairy

A celebratory cake smash has become the rite of passage into toddlerhood, documenting that one day where you can get away with completely destroying a cake. This beautiful fairy themed cake was simply amazing, and the details did not go unnoticed. Fitted in a pink tutu and a floral headband we watched in anticipation... there are several ways this cake smash[...]

The Write Way

We are always interested in expanding our abilities in just about any aspect of design, so when we discovered a modern calligraphy class taught by a local Edmonton designer // hand letterer extraordinaire we knew we had to sign up right away. We found out about Justine Ma through Eventbrite, where she offers a couple of workshops in water brush lettering or [...]

Heritage Days

Heritage days is one of our favourite festivals in Edmonton aside from the Fringe. This three day celebration takes place every August long weekend with over 66 pavilions of the yummiest foods from around the world. With so many delicious flavours and exotic dishes to chose from we seem to always go for the same thing every year… “Empanadas!" While they don’[...]

Another Eggs-cuse For Cupcakes

Easter morning was waking up with the sun, and jumping to the edge of our beds in excitment to see what the easter bunny left us… a half filled basket of goodies. The other half was hidden all over the house waiting to be found in groups of 3’s (two for us and 1 for our older brother). Our parents hid them pretty well that it generally took us well over an h[...]

Tickled Pink

You can control several aspects of photography, but the one you can’t is the weather. The day before this shoot was so cold outside that a two minute walk to our car resulted in wind blown tears… it was blistering cold out, and all we kept saying was “Please, please let tomorrow be nice.” Thankfully our wish was granted. The sun was shining, the snow was mel[...]

Whitenect Engineering Inc.

It seems our classroom days of listening to lectures about the Gestalt Principles have embedded themselves in the back of our brains and we continually find ourselves using these concepts in our everyday design. There are 5 principles to this theory, which are: Figure/Ground, Similarity, Continuation, Proximity, and Closure, and they allow your brain to visu[...]

WellnessRx Annual Report

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” - Ben Franklin It’s a simple concept... by embracing and adopting skills, knowledge and attitudes related to nutrition and physical activity, we can live better, healthier lives. This is the aim of the University of Alberta’s WellnessRx team, one that we "health nuts” personally couldn’t agree with more. T[...]

My Better Half

In case you’re new to Edmonton, our falls are almost non existent, one moment you look outside and see an array of fiery reds, vibrant yellows, and bold green foliage covering our cityscapes, and the next day you’re looking at bare branches reminding us that winter is shortly upon us. We however were lucky enough to capture one of the last warm weekends this[...]
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