While we have the pleasure of working together everyday, it is actually rare when we get to vacation just the two of us. The initial trip was based around seeing Paolo Nutini preform live at Sound Academy, however, it was just good timing that we were able to catch the last few days of TIFF and the first few days of JFL 42. Our trip went by much too quickly, as it always does, from rollerblading the entire Toronto Island (not even taking them off for the Ferry Ride), to a full day at Wonderland bringing out our inner child with caricatures and roller coaster rides, where we were taught “hands up, legs up”  was the correct way to enjoy the ride.


So who would have thought that Toronto has a Lion Safari… well they do, but driver beware, they’re not kidding when they say… “No responsibility is accepted for damage to vehicle(s)”. That’s probably because in 20 min we saw a lion claw the tires of the car in front of us, and some Baboons jump on the window tugging at the wipers on the car behind us.

TO_6TO_7TO_8TO_9TO_10TO_11To_12We have an ever growing bucket list and the top of that list was “Hang Gliding” and although it was tandem and seven brief minutes, flying in the air only to see a bird like shadow below us made it all worth it.

TO_13TO_14TO_15TO_16TO_17Although this was our first time in Toronto, we found ourselves fitting in quite nicely… all we needed was a London Fog and each other to remind us that home can be anywhere.