There is something so difficult about designing for yourself, to settle on that one design that will become the face for your company. As a designer there is that extra pressure knowing that our logo is a direct relation as to the kind of work we do. When we decided to rebrand our design we knew that some elements had to stay and others had to go. The feedback we received about our logo was how clever the name was, so we felt it was important to match the same characteristic into the new design. We knew we still wanted the element of scissors as a play on word, but this time we wanted to incorporate them in a playful and clever manner (like the two of us). After several alterations we settled on the right typeface, and brightened the colour for a fresh new look. It was almost complete but something was missing, after we showed it to a good friend of ours (a fellow graphic designer) he suggested cutting up the text and shifting the pieces. Our new brand is exactly what our company represents… clean, simple deigns, and that perspective to see things differently.