From childhood to adulthood, Valentines day has always been special to us…. the reason? We love any excuse to make homemade gifts… everything from making cards, baking, decorations, down to the packaging of presents. Since this is a day all about love, we decided to do a friendly sisterly bake off. I decided to combine my love for popcorn and my sisters love for chocolate to create something we both would enjoy. She has mastered the art of cake pops, so with the theme of Valentines Day in mind she decided to create a delicious edible bouquet of pink and white roses. Personally I think we tied our bake off… yet again! To finish off this entry we couldn’t help but introduce you to our lovable husky, if we ever actually wore lipstick (last time was almost a decade ago) we’re pretty sure his face would permanetly look like this. Enjoy your long weekend, may it be filled with hugs and kisses … the chocolate kind of course!