One day while cleaning out our cupboards we couldn’t help but notice the clutter created from bulk ingredients like flour, oatmeal, and chocolate chips. That is when we came across a simple solution of buying jars and making labels to create organization within the cupboard. However not just any labels would do, since we are always looking for new ways to use our Minc foiling machine, we bought some clear sticker paper. Below are the supplies needed, along with the step by step process you will need to complete this look.


– Minc Foiling machine
– Foil (select colour choice)
– Transfer Folder
– Paper (Clear Sticker Paper for this project)
– Glass Jars
–  Scissors

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Print you artwork on a laser printer (an inkjet printer won’t transfer the foil because it does not lay down toner). If you don’t have a printer at home you can take your artwork to your local printer shop and get it printed very cheaply.

2. Place the laser printed artwork in-between the transfer sheet face up, with the colour foil placed foil side up. You only need to cut out enough foil to cover your artwork completely (if the artwork isn’t covered it will be permanently transferred to the transfer folder making it unusable).

3. Close folder and turn machine on to setting 3 or 4. Once the green light appears, pass the folder through the machine until it comes out the other side.

4. Open the transfer folder and take out the artwork. Gently peel back the foil from a corner. The heat should have transferred the foil onto any of the artwork printed black.

5. Cut the stickers paper into any size and shape you want, and peel your new sticker onto the jar.

6. Voila! An organized cupboard.