On a road trip back home with our closest girlfriends we started discussing about new skills we would like to accomplish in the year 2017.  So when our birthday came and passed, one of our gifts to each other was a box filled with fabrics, thread, zippers, and a card. The card was to a dress making course offered at the House of Sew with the very talented Beverly, where our own private lesson awaited us this past weekend.

The studio was bright and inviting, filled with sewing machines and tables. We got right to work and started cutting out our 3 piece pattern designed by our instructor. The entire day flew by as we were constantly running back and forth between sewing and pressing our fabric. Over the course of the 6 hours, we learned how to read and alter a pattern, add a zipper, sew our seams together, add a waistband and lastly hem our dress. This course resulted in skirts we absolutely love, and more importantly… appreciate. The time and dedication it takes to turn a pile of fabric to a finished work of art is something that everyone should experience.

Stay tuned to see how our final skirts turned out, and judge for yourself if this is something you’d be into. We look forward to taking another class with Beverly and putting our new skills to use.