The work that goes behind creating a hip hop / pop music video involves so much planning months before hand, however Carlie “Baby C” Rompre makes it look effortless with her laid back personality. We were asked to photograph some shots in between video takes with additional candids throughout the entire day. As we arrived to the Taurus Field in Fort Saskatchewan we were not only faced with a smoke advisory, but a severe thunderstorm advisory as well, however that didn’t stop anyone from participating in the video. Instead everyone was rarin’ to go, throwing footballs around and dancing in the field.

The first scene took place under the rafters where we snapped a few photos before the thunder became louder and closer, working our way around video director, Jared Nickyporuk as he did his thing. Not long after the first location was completed, it started raining sideways so we quickly packed up our gear and headed inside the locker room for the next scene. Staying nice and dry, Baby C changed into her custom-made letterman jacket that read “Game Plan” along the back (the title of the song). By the time the locker room scene was done the rain had completely stopped and the sky opened up creating the most picturesque clouds anyone could ask for, a deep blue purple and pink painted the sky for our next scene that involved everyone on the football field… the “Babes” vs the “Bros.” 

The long-awaited game officially began! The Babes snapped the ball back to the quarter back and from there, continued to dominate the game with touchdowns and victory dance celebrations… our favourite being “Going Bowling.” Here, Baby C threw the football like a bowling ball knocking down her team like lined up pins. The best part of this victory dance was the one last Babe, as she slowly rocked around in a circular motion before she eventually fell down. 

For the final scene of the day, Baby C’s makeup was retouched by Riki Finley and her hair was let down and styled by the amazing Jalina Desgroseilliers into long soft curls as she made her way toward the empty football field. The sun had set an hour earlier allowing the field to be lit up solely from the floodlights on the field. As we were wrapping up another great collaboration with Baby C it started to rain again as if the weather gods were saying, “ok you guys… you killed it, now go home.” We have waited a while now to see the official music video, and we are beyond excited to see it all pieced together (one of us even makes a cameo in it), so please check out the video and the very talented Baby C!