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Two Sides to Every Cake

The Duchess Bake Shop is a delicious bakery located in downtown Edmonton, and it wasn’t until recently we discovered they offer several baking classes throughout the year. You can learn from the bakers themselves on how to make anything they sell in their bakery, from macaroons, puffed pastries, cakes, and their seasonal favourites. We looked at all the clas[...]

Mermaids on Board

Our first full day in Croatia was just that… a full day! We started our morning at 6:00am to get an early dive in along the coast of Dubrovnik. Surrounded by cliff walls, we entered the rich blue Adriatic Sea by foot from the Diving Centre Blue Planet, established in the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. We wish we could say this was one of our favourite dives, but i[...]

Danke Germany

The entire reason for our trip to Europe was based around an obstacle event… but let’s start at the beginning. We landed in Germany on a rainy afternoon and the combination of jet lag and weather put us both out like lights until the next morning. Refreshed and eager to explore, we decided to head downtown in our rollerblades where it wasn’t even five m[...]

Never Felt Board...Not Once

Letter boards, also known as felt boards are becoming more popular than ever as a customizable way to express ones self through quotes, milestones, or just about anything you want to say visually. These boards are beautiful and accent any home decor... however they can come with a heavy price tag as you can see on Letterfolk. A board similar to the one we ha[...]

Foam Glow

Fun runs have become the latest trend for competitive and casual runners alike. We’ve tried them all (or just about) and this week we participated in the Foam Glow 5km run out in Leduc, AB. Upon arrival we decked ourselves out with glow sticks and glow paint as the sun started setting behind us. Making our way towards the start line, the music was pumping a[...]

House of Sew

On a road trip back home with our closest girlfriends we started discussing about new skills we would like to accomplish in the year 2017.  So when our birthday came and passed, one of our gifts to each other was a box filled with fabrics, thread, zippers, and a card. The card was to a dress making course offered at the House of Sew with the very talented Be[...]

Pollock Chokolate

A highlight from our visit to Switzerland was learning how to make our own chocolate at the Funky Chocolate Club workshop. Tatiana (our Swiss chocolate connoisseur) showed us what we needed to make our very own chocolate  at home, along with some interesting ideas... our favourite being “Pollock” chocolate that we created for Easter. The Pollock inspired “pa[...]

Foiling in Love

One day while cleaning out our cupboards we couldn’t help but notice the clutter created from bulk ingredients like flour, oatmeal, and chocolate chips. That is when we came across a simple solution of buying jars and making labels to create organization within the cupboard. However not just any labels would do, since we are always looking for new ways to us[...]

The Write Way

We are always interested in expanding our abilities in just about any aspect of design, so when we discovered a modern calligraphy class taught by a local Edmonton designer // hand letterer extraordinaire we knew we had to sign up right away. We found out about Justine Ma through Eventbrite, where she offers a couple of workshops in water brush lettering or [...]

Sweet As

This New Years we decided to trade in our toques and snowboards for some bikinis and rollerblades, and made our way just slightly over 12,000 km to New Zealand. Some may think that a 17 hour plane ride is a long time, but three movies and a good sleep later and we were on the other side of the world ready to balance the time spent in the air with some time i[...]


Tranquil is a word that comes to mind when we think back at our trip to Newfoundland. At times it feels like you’re the only person for miles, the only sounds are the crashing of the dark blue water against the jagged cliffs, and the howling wind that blows through the tall grass. While we have always heard stories about the beauty of Canada's east coast, it[...]

Heritage Days

Heritage days is one of our favourite festivals in Edmonton aside from the Fringe. This three day celebration takes place every August long weekend with over 66 pavilions of the yummiest foods from around the world. With so many delicious flavours and exotic dishes to chose from we seem to always go for the same thing every year… “Empanadas!" While they don’[...]

Switzerland - Every Mile A Memory

Nestled in the beautiful town of Interlaken, we were surrounded by mountains and lakes that made this one of our favourite spots in Switzerland. Our first few days was accompanied with nonstop rain, but we didn’t mind, instead we just watched the clouds roll in and out disguising the true heights of the mountains before us. On our first real day of exploring[...]

When It Rains, Looks For Rainbows

For several years now it has been our goal to celebrate our big day in a new country, and this year we decided on Iceland. We awoke to a cotton candy sky at 6:30 in the morning after a comfortable sleep on each others shoulders. With eyes barely open we looked at one another and wished ourselves a happy birthday. Why Iceland? For Christmas we received a glob[...]

Another Eggs-cuse For Cupcakes

Easter morning was waking up with the sun, and jumping to the edge of our beds in excitment to see what the easter bunny left us… a half filled basket of goodies. The other half was hidden all over the house waiting to be found in groups of 3’s (two for us and 1 for our older brother). Our parents hid them pretty well that it generally took us well over an h[...]

Enjoy the BEAR Necessities

Baking is another creative outlet we love to explore since it essentially applies the same concepts as design... creating something from an idea. This past weekend we were approached to bake some goodies for "Kids Helping Kids Art Fundraiser.” This fundraiser was started by Kelley (now a teenage girl) almost five years ago, after her brother was diagnosed wi[...]

These Things Are Good Things

A few years ago in Hawaii of all places, our brother bought a “Cat in the Hat” print that he knew he would one day place above his daughters crib. It was this print that later spawned our Halloween costumes, Thing 1 and Thing 2. After all, if anyone should portray these “lovable” characters it should probably be twins. This was the first year we didn’t leave[...]

I’m With Cupid

From childhood to adulthood, Valentines day has always been special to us…. the reason? We love any excuse to make homemade gifts... everything from making cards, baking, decorations, down to the packaging of presents. Since this is a day all about love, we decided to do a friendly sisterly bake off. I decided to combine my love for popcorn and my sisters lo[...]

T. Dot

While we have the pleasure of working together everyday, it is actually rare when we get to vacation just the two of us. The initial trip was based around seeing Paolo Nutini preform live at Sound Academy, however, it was just good timing that we were able to catch the last few days of TIFF and the first few days of JFL 42. Our trip went by much too quickly,[...]

Zombie Survivor Run

If this weekend taught us anything, it was that we could not survive a zombie apocalypse. The 5km Zombie Survivor run took place last week at the Cochrane Agricultural Park in Calgary, and for girls who run everyday, it was no walk in the park. There were two kinds of zombies, "The Walking Dead” type that slowly shuffle around, and then there were the "28 Da[...]
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