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Foiling in Love

One day while cleaning out our cupboards we couldn’t help but notice the clutter created from bulk ingredients like flour, oatmeal, and chocolate chips. That is when we came across a simple solution of buying jars and making labels to create organization within the cupboard. However not just any labels would do, since we are always looking for new ways to us[...]

Dirty Thirty

A milestone is defined as an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development… so would turning thirty with your best friend in the beautiful South America be considered a double milestone? Before the girls head south for the summer we wanted to capture one of their milestones, the “Dirty Thirties,” and what better way to celebrate than [...]

O’Fishally Married

What sets a wedding invitation apart from the rest is the tone and formality of the event. Our fellow bride was having a destination wedding in the beautiful Skagway Alaska and had come to us with a vision of a nautical themed boarding pass design. We wanted to give the feel of the invites some age to them (the kinda boarding passes you’d imagine your grandp[...]

Whitenect Engineering Inc.

It seems our classroom days of listening to lectures about the Gestalt Principles have embedded themselves in the back of our brains and we continually find ourselves using these concepts in our everyday design. There are 5 principles to this theory, which are: Figure/Ground, Similarity, Continuation, Proximity, and Closure, and they allow your brain to visu[...]

Enjoy the BEAR Necessities

Baking is another creative outlet we love to explore since it essentially applies the same concepts as design... creating something from an idea. This past weekend we were approached to bake some goodies for "Kids Helping Kids Art Fundraiser.” This fundraiser was started by Kelley (now a teenage girl) almost five years ago, after her brother was diagnosed wi[...]

Aloha With Love

Joe and Dayla got engaged last fall in Oahu, Hawaii. While on vacation they stopped at the restaurant “Bills Sydney” in Waikiki renowned for their complimentary hotcakes (think Olive Garden breadsticks, but pancakes instead). At the end of the meal the checks are served with a postcard... this postcard would become the inspiration behind their invitations. T[...]

WellnessRx Annual Report

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” - Ben Franklin It’s a simple concept... by embracing and adopting skills, knowledge and attitudes related to nutrition and physical activity, we can live better, healthier lives. This is the aim of the University of Alberta’s WellnessRx team, one that we "health nuts” personally couldn’t agree with more. T[...]
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