Baking is another creative outlet we love to explore since it essentially applies the same concepts as design… creating something from an idea. This past weekend we were approached to bake some goodies for “Kids Helping Kids Art Fundraiser.” This fundraiser was started by Kelley (now a teenage girl) almost five years ago, after her brother was diagnosed with a rare illness. This fundraiser is an annual two day event that continues to grow each year.  The proceeds from the sales of hand made crafts; such as Christmas cards, artwork, knitted hats, and baked treats all go to the Stollery. This year they helped raise over $2,500. We are already looking forward to helping out again next year.

The Stollery logo is of a white teddy bear, which ultimately became the inspiration behind our cake pop design. While the process of creating the nose and ears took a little longer than your average cake pop, the results turned out adorable. We individually wrapped each cake pop and tagged them with, “Enjoy the bear-necessities.” a little detail we hope puts a smile on someones face.