Easter morning was waking up with the sun, and jumping to the edge of our beds in excitment to see what the easter bunny left us… a half filled basket of goodies. The other half was hidden all over the house waiting to be found in groups of 3’s (two for us and 1 for our older brother). Our parents hid them pretty well that it generally took us well over an hour to find, the ones we missed would be found months later. Afterwards we would bake a rabbit shaped cake (ears and all) with our mom, finishing the cake with sprinkled icing sugar so our bunny was white. This year we tried something different, Mini-Cupcake-Eggs, in two varieties (coconut and green tea) while the icing was the same for both (Vanilla Buttercream). A Mini Egg was placed in the middle and shaved chocolate was used to appear as the birds nest. The process is quite time consuming, but we know it will be worth it once our parents and loved ones finally get to be the ones receiving the treats.