Joe and Dayla got engaged last fall in Oahu, Hawaii. While on vacation they stopped at the restaurant “Bills Sydney” in Waikiki renowned for their complimentary hotcakes (think Olive Garden breadsticks, but pancakes instead). At the end of the meal the checks are served with a postcard… this postcard would become the inspiration behind their invitations. The postcard was a simple design, a clean black and white image of the beach with the words “thank you” written across with a 3D text effect in a vibrant coral colour.

Scanning through several beautiful photos from their engagement, taken by we settled on one everyone loved, it was simple and clean which is what we wanted. These invitations were printed on 20 PT silk matte laminate, which we thought was a fitting choice. There was a little bit of a debate between the colours teal and baby blue so we decided to use them both… after all marriage is all about compromising. Wedding invites are always a favourite of ours, there is so much thought and details that go into the final product that become little easter eggs for the people receiving them. Tying everything together was the envelope, all of which were individually personalized. The inner flap is one of the first thing you see when opening the invite, which read “Aloha, we love you,” upon opening the envelope was the map of the Hawaiian islands with a clear indication which island the couple would be tying the knot. Among this elite guest-list we felt privileged to make the cut, and look forward to a beautiful honeymoon shoot with them on the beaches in Hawaii.